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6:00am- Rise, Shine & head to the farm! 1:30pm-3:30pm- Vocational Training
7:00am- House Chores

3:30pm- Snack Time

7:30am- Breakfast 4:00pm- Swim Time
8:30am- Assembly 5:00pm- Din-Din
9am-12pm- Academic Studies 7:00pm-9:30pm- Play, Play, Play
12-1:30pm- Lunch 9:30pm- Bedtime

Thursday Afternoon- Trip to the market

Monday Evening- School Council Meeting

Saturday Morning- Community Work

Last Wednesday of Each Month- Theatre


Up at 6 and at the garden by 10 after! As one of our main goals is to offer skills that will lead to self-sufficiency and a natural and healthy lifestyle, farming plays an important role in our community. Much effort is put towards educating the children to respect and appreciate Mother Nature as a means of survival. Providing this skill is crucial in that not only does it allow the children to feed themselves, but gives them the opportunity to create an income. As farming is the heart of Thailand, we believe teaching these skills are vital. Currently Moo Baan Dek has a very successful gardening project. Every morning before breakfast and every evening before dinner the entire community works together to maintain our garden. We have many herbs, vegetables and fruit, which help us to learn about agriculture, and also help fill our tummies! (top)
After some serious work at the farm, everyone heads back home to do some household chores. Sweeping, mopping, and rolling away mats. (top)  

Time for breaky! Each day a different house prepares breakfast for the entire community. Breakfast is cooked and scooped onto bowls at the main kitchen. (Top)


At 8:30, an assembly of all the students is held in the open air theatre. Here the kids have a short meditation, Buddhist prayer, allegiance to the flag and any announcement. The end of each assembly is always marked with an arithmetic game. (Top)
Time to get serious... sort of! This is the time for academic studies. Math, English, Thai, and Science are offered classes. They are taught, not in the traditional setting of a classroom, but on every inch of the natural school. When studying soil in science, class is at the garden. Often classes will take place under the shade of a tree or upon the dock by the river. (Top)

LUNCH TIME!!! When the big old bell clangs at noon, we all collect our bowls and spoons and fill them up at the kitchen. Lunch, as well as every other meal, is always rice accompanied by a curry or soup or vegetable. Everybody wanders off with their full bowls and finds a comfy place of their choice to eat.(Top)

After lunch, the students go off to practice the craft of their choice. Woodworking, Batik, Ceramics, Weaving Sewing, Electrical Work and Painting. The afternoons are designed to nurture creativity as well as fine tune skills that can be used as an income. (Top)
SNACK TIME!!! At 3:30 every afternoon, the big iron bell clatters and the kids come running, bowl in hand, to check out what yummy sweet has been whipped up. Everyday it is different. Fresh fruit, ovaltine, sweet coconut milk, cookies and now with the new oven in the main kitchen all sorts of goodies are landing in those bowls! (top)

It is time to hit the river! Jumping and flipping off the docks to wash away the shampoo, scrubbing at dirty shorts and tee-shirts... Bath time is a fun time! (top)

After swim time, the kids and staff head out to the garden to fetch veggies and herbs for diner. Each house prepares their own diner and eats together as would a family. The kids and staff share the cooking. In my house, the favorite dish is spicy green papaya salad. All the ingredients come from the garden and it is pounded up in a clay pot with a heavy wooden baton. (Top)
. In the evenings the kids are free to study, hang out in the library, watch news on television, play games, study, sing songs, read... (top)
By the time 9:30 comes around, the kids are so exhausted they just about fall down onto their mats. (Top)



Off to the market... Every Thursday afternoon a bunch of kids and staff cram into the back of the big MBD truck and head to town. Along the way to the market the truck stops to fill up the gas tanks, weigh the recycling and check the mail. Once at the market the truck unloads, and everyone scurries around with lists of supplies need for the week. At 5pm, everyone meets back at truck, and under, over, around and on top of supplies we wedge ourselves for the journey back home.(top)


School Council Meetings - Every Monday evening from 7pm until 9pm, the entire community gathers in the assembly hall to discuss the workings of the school. It is here where the students and staff can voice their opinions, vote on rules and regulations and bring up issues which they have faced over the week. This meeting is a very important aspect of MBD as it facilitates the self-governing philosphy the school is molded upon.(top)

Saturday Morning Community Work- After breakfast on Saturday morning, the entire community gets together to work on one big task. Like an army of ants, the whole school works togther to get things done.



Wednesday Night Theatre- On the final Wednesday of each month the kids and staff put on a theatre. The students work all month on their skits and dances and songs. They put a lot of effort into costumes and props. The Wednesday night theatre is always a good way to end the month.