"The situation of Thai children has not become better. Whether the country is getting richer or poorer, the problems of poor children, undernourished children, physically and sexually abused children and children having no access to education still persist. The problems remain as no government wants to tackle the causes at the structural level, precisely, the social and economic injustices. No administration cares to promote equal income distribution, proper social welfare, progressive and fair taxation, etc. They simply leave their people indulged in consumerism and lavishness...We have to start from changing ourselves morally and pay more attention to ensure that our way of life, our properties and public resources benefit attempts to create justices for others".
Mr. Pibhop Dhongchai
Committee Member and Secretary,
Foundation for Children

Foundation for Children

Founded in 1979, the International Year of Children, in the past three decades, Foundation for Children has been aiming to promote child rights as affirmed by the International Declaration on Child Rights, the United Nations; help children who live in distress or are abandoned so that they have the opportunity to fully develop themselves physically and mentally based on the principle of justice; explore alternative ways for child education and child rearing which are considered a factor contributing to overall social development; and be a medium to bridge the gap between adults and children; as well as to promote education and arts, culture and social work for Thai society.

Foundation for Children
Provides support for children and families in distress. Our operation can be divided into different sections as follows;

Education, Arts and Culture Institute

Ban Tantawan
Provides accommodation for 40-50 children from poor families which are not ready to raise their old children at the ages from birth to four years.

Moo Baan Dek San Rak Kindergarten
Children adopted by this program mostly come from poor and/or broken families. Apart from accommodation, 60-70 children at the ages from three to six are provided with education aimed at nurturing proper development and promoting potentials of each child.

Moo Baan Dek (Children's Village School)
Currently, Moo Baan Dek houses about 150 children aged from six to 18 years. Most of them come from poor and/or broken families. Having been abandoned, here, the children are provided with care and education. They are nurtured in the caring community environment where they are bestowed with love and opportunities to learn the ways to get themselves healed.

Relief Project for Children and Families Affected by the Tsunami Disaster
In the aftermath of the tragic Tsunami on 26 December 2004, the Foundation for Children has founded projects to address immediate needs of children and families in Ranong and Pang-nga provinces. Basically, we provide them with educational sponsorships and setting up day-care centers in local area.

Social Welfare and Child Development Institute
- Lunch program for children in rural area
- Day-care center development project
- Child rearing and educational sponsorships for poor children in rural area
- Lunch program for novices ordained during the summer vacation
- Educational sponsorships for novices

The Supporting Office for FFC's Projects (Foundation for Children Publishing House)
- Publish children and youth books, tale diary, greeting card, produce souvenir
- Organize art activities including musical and theatrical events

Sanpasan Project (Academic Publication)
- Publish books on psychology, children's issues

Cartoon Institute
- Compile knowledge on animation
- Promote Thai animation network and provide capacity building for interested youth
- Produce alternative animation media

Office of Foundation for Children Committee (FFC's Headquarter)
- Donation Section
- Visitor and donation box section
- Public relations and information section
- Committee coordination
- Auditing and monitoring
- Educational media production

Young Bodhi Sattava Project
The project aims to provide capacity building for Buddhist youth for the future of Thai society through;
- Organizing exhibitions about life and work by the late Buddhadasa Bhikkhu in schools
- Organizing essay contest concerning Dhamma and life
- Organizing "Young Bodhi Sattava Camp" to instill Dhamma in the hearts of your people through experiential education and participatory learning
Youth's morality is the world's peace.

Website www.ffc.or.th

Design and maintain www.ffc.or.th to provide information on children and family and other writings for public interests.
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